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Carolyn Talcott & Mackenzie Talcott



We are Carolyn and Mackenzie;  professional wedding officiants, certified wedding coordinators, and mother and daughter. 


We believe every couple deserves to have a beautiful, personalized wedding ceremony, without breaking the bank or being subjected to inflated wedding industry prices.   This is the very reason we began our careers as professional wedding officiants.   And we’re so glad we did!


Over the years it’s been our absolute honor to join so many couples in marriage, and to play a significant role in their very special day.  And we’ve been privileged to meet and work with such wonderful people on the happiest day of their lives!

Not long after we began officiating ceremonies, we attended the wedding of a family member.   For over a year the bride and her family worked so hard to plan and prepare for the big day.   But with all that preparation, they didn’t plan for how it would all unfold on the day.  They didn’t realize that without someone to coordinate and implement all of their plans, and keep the timeline and the flow of the day going smoothly, things could get quite stressful!  They weren't able to enjoy the day to the fullest. 

They had to ask their friends and family to work at their wedding.  They needed help with everything from set-up, decorating, receiving deliveries, managing vendors, adhering to the timeline, making sure the wedding party was ready and knew where they were supposed to be, to distributing tips and final payments, tear down, and even directing the rehearsal.  Not to mention handling unexpected crises that arose during the day.


It was shortly after that day that we realized we wanted to help others to coordinate their plans and their vision at their very special events, and be the "extra hands" needed on such an important day.   We decided to use our combined years of experience in hospitality, event planning, service, management, customer experience, and wedding officiating to provide day-of coordinating and event management services.   We became certified wedding and event coordinators, and we thrive on organization and timeliness.  We’re devoted to providing peace of mind, assurance, and confidence to our clients, and allowing them the opportunity to relax, enjoy the day with guests, and soak in all the little moments they won't want to miss.   


Whether we are officiating a ceremony, or providing day-of coordination, management, or extra hands for an important occasion, we always consider it an honor and a privilege to be a part of our clients' once-in-a-lifetime events.

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