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Carolyn Talcott & Mackenzie Talcott


As professional wedding officiants we've had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful couples, creating personal, customized ceremonies, and attending beautiful weddings.  And then it was our turn!  Mackenzie was getting married!  We spent almost a year planning, researching, organizing, budgeting, designing, and creating to turn our vision into reality for her beautiful wedding.  But of course, the weather didn't cooperate with our plans.  It actually snowed on that early autumn day!  Thankfully, we were prepared with a back-up plan.  We were able to make the last minute change from our gorgeous, albeit now frigid and snowy outdoor venue, to the inside of a beautiful lodge, with a cozy fire burning in the huge, stone fireplace.  Despite this little weather hiccup, everything else for this special day went beautifully.  Everything, the decorations, table settings, music, food, cake and flowers were exactly what we had envisioned.  It actually looked even prettier than we'd imagined once it all came together.  It was such a joy to have all of our family and friends gathered together, laughing, dancing, celebrating, posing for photos, and enjoying some fantastic food.  We will always have the most wonderful memories from that day.  


Our only regret: we hadn't hired a day-of coordinator.  That would have been invaluable to us!  There was so much to do on the big day.... So many little details to take care of! 

And that was in addition to setting up, communicating with our various vendors, adhering to the timeline, making sure the wedding party was ready and that everyone was where they were supposed to be at the right time, making sure our guests were happy and having a good time, etc.  The list went on and on.   We spent so much of our time that day worrying about the details and ensuring that everything was going according to plan, that we lost the opportunity to really relax and enjoy the special moments with our loved ones.  As a matter of fact, I barely had time to get my hair done and change into my wedding outfit before we were to walk down the aisle!  And for certain I ran out of time to have my make-up done!   Our family and friends went above and beyond to help us out, but we felt bad that they were "working" at the wedding, rather than just being our guests.   What we desperately could have used was a day-of coordinator or event manager to execute our plans and timeline, oversee our vendors, manage the details, and alleviate the stress!


Thankfully, the wedding was beautiful!   But it was shortly after this wonderful event that we realized we wanted to help others to coordinate their plans and visions at their very special events, and be the "extra hands" needed on such an important day.   We decided to use our combined years of experience in hospitality, event planning, service, management, customer experience, and wedding officiating to provide day-of coordinating and event management services.   We thrive on organization and timeliness.  We are devoted to providing peace of mind, assurance, and confidence to our clients, and allowing them the opportunity to relax, enjoy the day with guests, and soak in all the little moments they won't want to miss.   


Whether we are officiating a ceremony, or providing day-of coordination, management, or extra hands for an important occasion, we always consider it an honor and a privilege to be a part of our clients' one-in-a-lifetime events.

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