Why Hire a Day-of Coordinator?

When it comes to your wedding or event, it’s understandable to want to be in total control.  You may have spent countless hours dreaming and planning this special day.  So how do you leave the execution to someone else?  But think about it:  Do you really want to be the one dealing with your caterer who is running late?  Or making sure your wedding party is where they're supposed to be at the right time?   Worrying about those little details can take away from your enjoyment of one of the best days of your life.  And relying on family or friends to look out for them can take away from their enjoyment of the special day, and prevent them from being fully present for you and your loved ones.


Or… Maybe you haven’t been planning this day your whole life, and are feeling a little overwhelmed by pulling off a smooth running wedding or event, and all the details. 


Enter the Event Manager, or Day-Of Coordinator. 


Different from a wedding or event planner, who helps you design, budget, and plan your wedding from start to finish, a day-of coordinator works with you to take care of the smaller details leading up the wedding, and run the show on the big day.  Hiring an event manager or coordinator may just be the best money you spend on your wedding day.  From managing the day’s timeline to making sure all your vendors are accounted for, your wedding party knows where to be and what to do, and setting and keeping a schedule of events for the day gives you the time to enjoy yourself and only worry about saying “I do”.


A great coordinator is your biggest supporter and cheerleader.  The coordinator/event manager can offer assistance during the last few weeks before the wedding or event and ensure nothing is overlooked or missed. 


The coordinator's job can entail creating and coordinating your timeline, overseeing your rehearsal, instructing and supporting your bridal party, coordinating your vendors at the wedding or event, and being the liaison between you and them that day, executing any last minute details, and running the show on the day-of.


But most importantly, a coordinator frees you up to be a guest at your own wedding.  It also frees up your mom, sister, aunt, best friends, and your bridesmaids to be guests as well, allowing you all to be present in the moment, make memories, and not worry about what’s coming up next in the timeline.


The timeline is a key component to making everything run smoothly.  There are a lot of logistics that go into a wedding day or a big event.  On your special day you shouldn’t be burdened with having to manage details.   A coordinator/event manager will build all the little details into the day’s schedule, and coordinate with your caterer, photographer, and florist to make sure everything is ready for your guests, all within the appropriate timeline.  Hiring a coordinator/event manager means you don't have to think about errors in timing or details.  If something goes wrong, your coordinator will do her best to fix it, or make the best of it, and chances are you'll never know it was an issue in the first place.


The bottom line is:  Leave the stress of the wedding or event behind when it’s finally time to walk down the aisle or for your guests to arrive.   Allow your family and friends to be guests at your event, rather than having to work it for you.   Trust your day to a coordinator/event manager who can run the show, smooth the glitches, and execute your plan and vision – happily and flawlessly.  It’s her job to help make your day special, and it’s your job to enjoy it!